In recent years, natural disasters on the earth are increasing and the measure required for companies have become a reality. This is not the thinking only in the virtual world. The concept of "Myself" and "Yourself" have become directly to be addressed into "Ecology Age". Everyone's thoughts of the global environment will be shifted from "Imagination" to "Creation". In order to realize these thinking, now it is the right time to step forward with the SELF Corporation.

"SELF Corporation" has gained skills over the years in researching the needs of everyone, and combining the know-how that help contribute to society and potential for everyone.
The effect of eco-effort is not known…, so its global influence cannot be seen….
At such time, please feel free to contact SELF. From offering the products to the construction, operation and management of the system, SELF can offer the best total solution to fulfill your requirements. In addition, from accumulating abundant experience for the best components, technology and materials procurement, SELF commit to maintaining high safety and reliability.

For facing the arrival of a recycling society, and for the children who will lead the future, SELF needs you to work together seriously to improve the global environment. SELF offers the concept "Real Ecology" = "RealEco", which combines with high quality and inventiveness that contribute to the future of the Earth.