Solar LED street light the distributed form of orthodox not integrated, there is. Place the battery in the upper part, by escape from the danger of submerged, and it also acts as a street light, even during flood. It is also possible to spec-up according to the specifications of the customers.

Solar cell Kind Mono-crystalline silicon cell
Maximum output 100W
Conversion efficiency 17.8% (cell) Highest grade of Japanese manufacturers
LED Light source Ultra-high brightness natural white LED (White LED can be replaced with Warm-White LED at the factry)
Manufacturer Japanese electronics manufacturers
Maximum power 36W
Height 4~5m
Lighting time 9~12hours(Can be set at the factory)
Strage battery Kind Li-ion battery (Japanese manufacturers)
Capacity 70Ah
Charging system Constant current / Constant Voltage
Protective function Over current and short-circuit protection. Overcharge and over-discharge protection Cell voltage differential protection, thermal protection, cell balancing feature
Operating temperature range Charge:0~45℃ Discharge:-10~60℃
Life expectancy 5~6years
Standard function Lighting / Off The sunset is detected with the illuminance sensor and it lights The sunrise is detected with the illuminance sensor and turns it off
Illumination switching The illuminance and the lighting time are switchedto three stages respectively(Can be set at the factory)
Earthquake detection Detect with the seismic intensity sensor (Operate more than five corresponding in the seismic intensity)
Not for sunshine 5 days
Environment Operating temperature and humidity range -10~65℃、20~95%RH (No dewy)
Storage temperature and humidity range -20~35℃、20~95%RH (No dewy)
Wind strength 60m/s(Based on JIL1003)