It is a solar surveillance camera system that specializes in surveillance camera. In order to be independent power and is suitable for installation rivers and forests, to the coast, such as poor power infrastructure. In addition, according to the specifications of the customer, you can also customize delivery of equipment and camera.

Solar cell Kind Mono-crystalline silicon cell
Maximum output 110W
Conversion efficiency 17.8% (cell)
Highest grade of Japanese manufacturers
Camera Image sensor 1/3 type interline CCD
Valid pixels 976(H)×494(V)
Resolution Horizontal : 650TV (color) 700TV (monochrome)
Vertical : 350TV (350TV)
Height 4~5m
Broadcasting device Network connection function 10/100 BASE-T wired LAN
and 802.11b,g,n compatible wireless LAN
Broadcasting video resolution 4 CIF (704 * 528 pixels) Max. approx. 1.5 Mbps
Video input terminal HDMI , composite (NTSC/PAL)
Size / Weight (D) 120 mm × (W) 68 mm × (H) 26 mm / 108g
Storage battery Kind Li-ion battery (Japanese manufacturers)
Capacity 90Ah
Charging system Constant current / Constant voltage
Protective function Over current and short-circuit protection. Overcharge and over-discharge protection Cell voltage differential protection, thermal protection, cell balancing feature
Operating temperature range Charge:0~45℃ Discharge:-10~60℃
Life expectancy 5~6years
Not for sunshine 5 days
Environment Operating temperature and humidity range -10~65℃、20~95%RH (No dewy)
Storage temperature and humidity range -20~35℃、20~95%RH (No dewy)
Wind strength 60m/s (Based on JIL1003)