Until now, the solar-powered street light has been just simply provided as a light for illumination. However, in the modern society, there are various lighting applications to be found. This is not just light coming from equipment, the highly efficiency integrated with the environmental performance of "RealEco" is required.

Solar LED Street Light "Sun Leaf" is integrated with a solar photovoltaic panel, LEDs, and the latest in fully recyclable Lithium-ion battery units as all-in-one package. Our originally unique system has been developed from years of research and field tested in order to offer the best illumination environment, and also utilizes a combination of features you would like among various options. SELF provides the only-one product for you with safe and environment friendly. In addition, improving the battery charging efficiency by proprietary technology, and aggregating all the key components in the superior design of all-in-one body, and no extra electrical wiring work, SELF promises "Sun Leaf" to reduce the installation work and cost during the construction or relocation stage.

From the latest technology, it is very difficult to completely integrate all the conventional components into one unit body, but now SELF made it possible. The control board improves an electric power loss not to waste solar energy. Moreover, SELF employs the sustainable and latest technology to cope with the various optional equipments.

This has been adopted with the most advanced lithium-ion battery with the highest charging efficiency as well as safety problem. The control board is constantly monitoring the temperature environment and operating condition so as to ensure optimum charging and discharging conditions.

By the use of communication devices equipped with specialized applications, each lighting fixture enables the transmission and reception of various data information so that "light" and "information" can be provided.

Protect a town from a crime and crime prevention, illegal dumping. Local people will live in safety town.
In addition, it is available in various uses using a person sensor withcamera.

The equipped Lithium-ion battery unit is 100% recyclable. The internal battery system has a circuit protection design that will be automatically stopped if the operating condition is in over-current or over-voltage status. Moreover, the control circuit is always monitoring the status of the battery system, which will be stopped by the control board to avoid causing the system to malfunction.

Seismic intensity sensor has been built-in and will be switched to earthquake mode when the sensor detects level 5 or above. In the earthquake mode, LED lights at the highest lumens output.

All the key components of typical solar-powered street light are exposed outside, so there is a possibility of the key components being dropped off or scattered due to the external shock and impact. For this product, the all-in-one design unit to shields and protects all the key components giving safety and security.

Because of the all-in-one design unit, all the electrical wirings have been completely housed inside the body. Compared to the conventional solar-powered designs, this product does not require any wiring during site installation, and the installation and relocation work is very simple.

The system offers many options for feature extension. Various data of communication, power generation, reduction of CO2, etc. can be obtained from the system. The combination of AC power and wind power, surveillance camera, and human motion sensor, etc. will be options to add into the system.

Double-ECO represents "ECOlogy" and "ECOnomy". The solar-power generation leads to zero emissions of CO2 and zero electricity cost. It is comparatively ECO even it combines of AC power supply, because the light source is LED.

As for the all-in-one design unit in saving the electrical wiring works, the installation costs can be reduced compared to the conventional solar-powered street light. The whole unit is virtually maintenance-free, except for a battery unit replacement every 4 to 5 years, and the running costs can be reduced.

All the provided components are lead-free in response to RoHS directives.